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January 2016

How to Get a Cheap Room Hire in Birmingham

By |January 7th, 2016|room hire birmingham|

Great Value Room Hire in Birmingham, UK - Introducing 'The Loft Workspace'. Whether you’re looking for a room to host a business meeting with a few good comrades, or if you’re seeking out a venue for a special conference, you’re going to need a space that satisfies your needs, provides a conducive environment for collaboration, and [...]

December 2015

Cheap Office Space – Does It Exist?

By |December 21st, 2015|Coworking Birmingham, Hot Desking, Office Space Birmingham|

We think it does! Check out the options. Employers often face the problem of renting out expensive office spaces that take a huge chunk out of profits. While it does seem costly, it’s not really something that people can forgo. Without a workspace, where will your workers stay to perform their duties? While allowing workers [...]

The Benefits of Coworking

By |December 8th, 2015|Coworking Birmingham, Hot Desking|

With all the different jobs and employment opportunities these days, there is no surprise that even the workspaces have changed along with them. There are a whole plethora of different kinds of spaces and locations employers utilize to optimize their workers’ productivity. While the traditional office workspace has worked out for numerous employees in the [...]

November 2015

Why use The Loft Workspace Offices in Birmingham?

By |November 21st, 2015|Coworking Birmingham, Hot Desking|

The Benefits of The Loft Workspace Office in Birmingham If you’re a start up business or if your company has a small staff population, then it can be costly to find an entire office workspace to rent out. Renting a space can take a huge chunk out of your profit, and while it is enticing [...]

Coworking VS Hot Desking – What’s Hotter?

By |November 6th, 2015|Coworking Birmingham, Hot Desking, Office Space Birmingham|

We give you the low down of both methods of work and let you decide. Employers and employees alike are always hard at work (no pun intended) trying to find work space solutions to increase productivity. With the rise of all these different job opportunities, there has been a change in the available work spaces [...]

October 2015

The Advantages of Hot Desking

By |October 21st, 2015|Coworking Birmingham, Hot Desking|

Why go for hot desking in Birmingham? Back in the day, workers and employees’ desks were considered an escape from home, just as home was an escape from work. The typical desk would be adorned with paraphernalia from all those work excursions, little decorations collected through the years, and of course, the mandatory family photo. [...]

Room Hire at The Loft Workspace

By |October 5th, 2015|room hire birmingham|

The success of any corporate event – whether it’s a meeting or a conference – relies greatly on the venue you select. Hosting an important business gathering in a small, uncomfortable, and poorly located space can cause your event to fall short of expectations and might even affect business and collaboration. When selecting your meeting [...]

September 2015

Tips for using a coworking space.

By |September 9th, 2015|Coworking Birmingham, Hot Desking|

Introducing The Loft Workspace Coworking Offices The Loft Workspace is a coworking hot desk space for freelancers and small businesses to use as their office space. Coworking is a great idea and we thought we would give people some tips on how best to use a co-working space. We all must have heard about hot [...]

August 2015

What to Look for When Hiring a Room in Birmingham

By |August 12th, 2015|room hire birmingham|

5 Top Tips to aid you in finding your perfect venue. Anyone knows that venue is key when striving for collaboration success. Where you do business plays an important role in the success of your brand. Whether you’re a small-business owner scheduled to talk to a few potential investors, or if you’re a corporate heavyweight [...]

What is hot desking?

By |August 10th, 2015|Hot Desking|

The Loft Workspace in Balsall Heath in South Birmingham offers hot desking coworking space to enable freelancers / small business owners to have an instant office with great support – but what is hot desking? Hot desking is an organizational system for an office, in which multiple workers uses the same single physical work station [...]