With all the different jobs and employment opportunities these days, there is no surprise that even the workspaces have changed along with them. There are a whole plethora of different kinds of spaces and locations employers utilize to optimize their workers’ productivity. While the traditional office workspace has worked out for numerous employees in the past, people are discovering that co-working might be a better alternative, especially for small employee populations or self-employed individuals.

Coworking has been defined as the practice of co-inhabiting or sharing an office area with random strangers as compared to working home alone. While some people might be uneasy with the idea of sharing a space with strangers, there are numerous advantages to sharing a workspace with other individuals.


  1. Informal Networking – There is no doubt that networking, or developing relationship with other people from different industries, is a good practice for any professional. This is one of the means by which companies, businesses, and individuals grow professionally. By immersing yourself in an environment with different people from different backgrounds with different jobs, you put yourself in a position of learning more about them and potentially meeting people who would benefit your work.


  1. Birds of the Same Feather – Sure, it’s easy to just stay at home while you work, especially if your job is the kind of job that permits that kind of practice. But working from home can take a toll on your productivity – with every comfort and distraction available at your fingertips, you might not be able to work as hard as you hoped. By surrounding yourself with others who are hard at work, you’d be inspired to become more productive.


  1. Share Ideas – When you’re in a rut, which has happened to nearly every working person, ideas might be hard to come by. Employing the aid of a brand new perspective could help you come up with new thoughts and inspiration to help you come up with your next big thing. Coworking allows people to share ideas from different perspectives in order to come up with fresh schemes.


  1. Make New Friends – Working too much can take a toll on our social lives, and that’s why coworking is an ideal practice to keep yourself from becoming too isolated. Making new friends is always a good idea, and by immersing yourself in an environment with strangers, random people, and other working individuals, you may gain a new friend or two.


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