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/FAQ Page
  • Fire marshalls will instruct you where to evacuate but please acquaint yourselves with the evacuation procedures on the policy and procedure form located next to the locker corridor in The Loft Workspace (as well as in the Mallard Training Room and all meeting rooms)
  • Take your bike to Reception and you will be directed where to leave your bike (in the corridor next to Reception)
  • The most convenient place is Jakeman Road (off Edward Road)
  • The 45/47 will drop you off on Pershore Road
  • The 35 will drop you off on Hallam Street
  • The 50 will drop you off on Moseley Road

Who can help me?



Hazel Timmins



(based in The Loft Workspace)

Katijah Khanum


Administration/   Technical / Finance

(based in Finance)

Matt Birchall

  • You will need to purchase printing credit and will need to approach a Loft Workspace staff member for this to be set up
  • As a member or a guest, choose the Calendar option on the Homepage and you will be taken to the Events and bookings calendar
  • Choose the date you want and a pop up box will appear where you can choose the room you wish to book, the date and time, and any refreshments or catering
  • You will be invoiced shortly aferwards
  • From the Get in touch page, send your request and you will be emailed with login details and invoiced shortly afterwards
  • Then come in and use the space as your membership allows and subject to availability

When you sign up as a member of the Loft Workspace, you will be given a username and password for Nexudus.

Nexudus allows you to integrate into The Loft Workspace community by sharing your profile with other members to share knowledge, discuss business issues and ask for advice.

It also allows you to make room bookings and buy/change/upgrade a membership plan.

When you sign onto the guest Wi-Fi, you will automatically be navigated to the login page.

When not connected to the Wi-Fi, go to https://theloftworkspace.spaces.nexudus.com/en to log on.


  • Guests are limited to 2 per member. They are to be briefed on terms and ensure they sign in and out of building. They are not allowed to use any of the facilities provided on membership level but may enjoy a tea and coffee in the lounge area with you
  • If you need to make or receive a sensitive phone call, you can use the office opposite the pink breakout area
  • The Pearl (Pink) Meeting Room is next to The Loft Workspace, opposite Finance, and it can host 8 people
  • The Parkinson (Blue) and Harmer (Purple) Meeting Rooms are on the ground floor, next to Reception, and they can host 16 and 6 people respectively
  • The Mallard Training room is through the corridor leaving The Loft Workspace, opposite the Kitchen
  • There are break out spaces in The Loft Workspace but ideally you can use the café downstairs
  • There is a microwave in the kitchen to heat food
  • And you can of course order food on the day from Change Kitchen, located on the ground floor
  • Opposite the pink space, next to the Finance Office
  • To use the copier, you will be given a code (enter code to log in, press ACCESS and YES to log out)
  • To use the printer, you will need to purchase printer credit (see NEXUDUS below)
  • The drinks space is in the corner nearest the green space, with filter coffee, tea, water and biscuits
  • Next to the toilets, opposite the Mallard Training Room (there are also some downstairs, opposite the café) – there is a fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, cutlery and storage to keep food
  • Next to the kitchen, opposite the Mallard Training Room
  • In the corridor next to The Loft Workspace, there are lockers
  • You will be allocated a locker when you join up as a co-worker (£5 fee to replace key if lost)

1st Floor Layout


  • The hot desking space is in the orange and green spaces
  • The set desks for permanent members are in the pink and blue spaces
  • You need to sign in at Reception – once a member, your name will be on The Loft Workspace list
  • You will have to sign in and out each time you leave and enter the building so we know who is inside the building in case of an emergency evacuation

On the ground floor of Jericho, on Jakeman Road off Edward Road

Opening hours are currently 9am – 5pm.

Jericho head officeThe Loft Workspace is on the first floor of The Jericho Foundation, 196-198 Edward Road, Birmingham, B12 9LX

The building can be accessed from Pershore or Alcester Roads, both being main roads going to the city centre.