We give you the low down of both methods of work and let you decide.

Employers and employees alike are always hard at work (no pun intended) trying to find work space solutions to increase productivity. With the rise of all these different job opportunities, there has been a change in the available work spaces that employees use. Hot desking and coworking are two of these changes.

While both have their benefits, they are both very different in many ways, and so before you make your choice, it’s best to understand just what each of these entails. Knowing the differences and advantages of each could help you choose the right workspace for you to better increase your productivity.

Hot Desking

This practice allows people to pay for a desk that you can use for a specific period of time, be it an hour, a day, a week, or a month. Between your use, however, your desk will be used by another individual who also paid to rent it. Oh, and by the way, your desk isn’t actually your desk. Every time you walk into the office, your work area may change depending on desk availability. So maybe yesterday, you got that awesome window seat, but today, you might be working right next to the far wall beside the fire exit, so be early!

Hot desking also comes with several risks, include hygiene related ones. There is a likelihood that you might be sharing germs and bacteria with the unknown desk user from yesterday, so beware. Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer ready and be careful what you put your fingers on. Although saying that the loft work space is cleaned every day by Jericho Cleaning so we maintain a very clean environment to work in.

Hot desking though allows people the chance to collaborate with other workers in the space. Because you’re working alongside different people every day, hot desking can help you meet new people who share the workspace as well as share ideas at a faster rate.


Coworking is hot desking’s not so distant relative, and offers self-employed individuals, small business owners, or small staff populations to rent desks that they will use for an identified amount of time. You will often be granted the opportunity to claim the space, meaning you can decorate and you can keep it how you want it for as long as you’re renting it.

Coworking has become popular because of the fact that you can meet new people from different backgrounds with different jobs, thus increasing your chances of developing relationships to benefit your business. What’s more, coworking allows you to make new friends, which has always been one of the biggest problems when it comes to working.


The Loft Workspace in Birmingham is a co-working space, whilst in essence you do hot desk we believe that there is power in working together and so we try and encourage coworking. Having conversations with other businesses increases business knowledge, encourages collaborations and work referrals and generally benefits all concerned. We would love you to check out our workspace, if your interested do get in touch and arrange a free trial of the space.