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Employers often face the problem of renting out expensive office spaces that take a huge chunk out of profits. While it does seem costly, it’s not really something that people can forgo. Without a workspace, where will your workers stay to perform their duties? While allowing workers to accomplish tasks from home does seem a lot cheaper, it can also be a lot lower in terms of productivity.

Well, it might come as a surprise to most employers, but cheap workspaces do actually exist. Hot desk and co-working spaces have been popping up at a great rate through the last few years and have offered employers cheap and easy solutions to answer their workspace concerns.

Hot desking

Hot desking has been around for quite a while, and that’s because employers can make great, big savings with the use of this practice. Hot desking allows workers to use desks on a rotational schedule, meaning if they’re not in the office, a different worker will be using their desk. Workers aren’t actually assigned desks either, rather, they choose whichever desk they feel like using, or whatever’s available. This allows employers to maximize their productivity by making sure each desk is occupied at all times.


Coworking is a great idea for start up brands, small business owners, self employed individuals, or small staff populations. Co-working allows people to share a work space with individuals and strangers from different backgrounds, providing the opportunity to collaborate with other people and potentially develop relationships to benefit their business. What’s more, there’s a chance to get opinions and ideas that you might not have thought of before. Coworking provides individuals the chance to meet new people, get new ideas, network informally, and ultimately, work in a conducive environement.

The Loft Workspace

The Loft Workspace office space in Birmingham is an area that provides workers with an office that they can use to accomplish work related tasks. The Loft Workspace is fully designed and furnished, making them easy to move into, and easy to move out of. The Loft Workspace are fully serviced and even have receptionists at the front lines to make sure each business using the office space gets the management they deserve. This also grants the opportunity to grow as a business, the loft workspace is shared with other individuals from other backgrounds and employments.

Cheap workspace is available, if you know where to look. Save yourself the cost of renting out expensive areas that take out from your profit – look into shared workspaces today!

The Loft Workspace in South Birmingham is a very affordable way to have office space, you don’t need to cut back on all the perks of big offices either – we offer all that as standard! We offer a FREE 5 day trial pass for all newcomers, so do check us out and get in contact. If you would like to see our prices for the hot desk / coworking area you can here, if you’re interested in a more permanent office we have those also, our prices are here.