The Benefits of The Loft Workspace Office in Birmingham

If you’re a start up business or if your company has a small staff population, then it can be costly to find an entire office workspace to rent out. Renting a space can take a huge chunk out of your profit, and while it is enticing to just have your people work from home, there is no guarantee that they’d be as productive. That’s why businesses and companies have started looking for better solutions to cut costs on work spaces.

The Loft Work Space in Birmingham makes it easy for start up businesses and small companies to rent a space because it’s affordable, low cost, and fully furnished to begin with. There are lots of advantages to renting a desk at The Loft Work Space in Birmingham, and here are a few of them.


  1. Develop Relationships – One of the struggles of being a start up business is the fact that connections and business relationships are few and far between. This makes it difficult for small business owners to expand especially if they’re unaware of where they can get the right connections. The workspace is often shared, so you can expect to see an unfamiliar face or two every time you walk into the office. This gives employers and employees alike the chance to get to know different people with different backgrounds, and potentially create relationships for business growth.


  1. Serviced – The Loft Work Space is serviced, which means you get the full on office experience at low cost. You can enjoy a reception service as well as multiple other features such as copy machines and printers, so you can save on all those expenses. This allows employers and employees alike to feel more comfortable, as The Loft Work Space give’s the ultimate office feel without having to cost as much as the real thing.


  1. Good Impressions – As a business owner, you should know how important it is to make a good impression, especially when it comes to your clients. When you have a walk in client, or a customer who just wants to have a few words with the management, it would be nice to have them see just how pristine your offices are. This gives them an idea as to how serious you are when it comes to running your business. Because The Loft Work Space is decorated and furnished completely when you rent a desk, you won’t have to worry about all the designing.


We’re so confident that you will love using the office space that we offer a FREE one day trial pass to check us out before you commit to a rolling monthly package. We’re here to support local businesses / charities and our packages are flexible and great value. If your interested do get in contact, we would love to hear from you.